Pilates is coming to Parkallen Community Hall!

Using a padded exercise mat, Pilates Mat classes focus on strengthening your center or “core”, building muscle tone and flexibility & increasing body awareness while using specific breathing techniques. 

Join us Mondays at 9 am starting September 19, 2016. For more information or to register contact Leanne at (780) 504-4074. 

We are excited to introduce our Pilates instructors:

Kate Stashko
Certified Pilates Mat Instructor

I am a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer and part-time 
Pilates instructor. I received my full Matwork certification through the 
STOTT PILATES® International Training Centre in Toronto in 2008 and I 
have been teaching ever since. I have taught in both Toronto and 
Montréal and began teaching at Pilates EQ in 2010.

I came to Pilates in 2007 after a serious knee injury that required 
reconstructive surgery. Pilates gave me a way to regain my strength and 
rebalance my body as I recovered. It taught me body awareness and 
gave me a new confidence and trust in my own body. I decided that I 
wanted to share this experience of discovery and confidence with others.

I take pride in my attention to detail as an instructor, giving clients 
individual feedback on safe body alignment and proper technique. I am 
thrilled to be able to empower people with Pilates the way it has 
empowered me. I continue to be fascinated with the human body and its
abilities – my clients surprise me every day!

Lorraine Kruper
Owner/Partner, Certified Pilates Instructor, B Com, CA

I found Pilates on what I thought was a brief sabbatical from the 
corporate world. Little did I know! I loved the detailed mind/body aspect 
of the work so much that I had a new career.

I have always been active in sports, but suffered with body imbalances 
that caused recurring knee and back pain. Pilates helped me address 
them. I acquired my full Pilates certification from Michele Larsson and 
Pilates EQ in 2008.

I love sharing my knowledge, helping my clients find their own body 
awareness, strength and flexibility. Breath is so important as it inspires 
your movement. I’m very interested in how the body moves and always 
looking to learn more about anatomy and other release and movement 

therapies. I am also a licensed provider of Fletcher Towelwork®, Floorwork® and Barrework™.