by Jan Hardstaff, PCL Housing & Development

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On March 7, 2017, Parkallen Community hosted a Drainage Discussion & Flood Mitigation Meeting. The community was given an opportunity to tell City of Edmonton drainage staff their stories about drainage problems, share their experience with flooding, and learn more about plans for a Storm Water Management Facility (Dry Pond) and Drainage Infrastructure Upgrades being developed for the Parkallen area.

The Parkallen Housing & Development team strongly feels the City of Edmonton should provide drainage & flood mitigation information specific to neighbourhoods that are at risk or vulnerable to surface ponding and flooding. This information should be published in community league newsletters, shared in local community level drainage discussions and flood mitigation meetings,
and civics directors should be educated on the broad scope of flood mitigation solutions, including SWDF such as dry ponds and macro drainage system upgrades. It is also important to develop a public education campaign that provides LID micro flood mitigation solutions to property owners. These include having someone form lot grading and Home Flood Protection programs that look at improvements that could be made, importance of site capture & storage, landscape absorption of storm water, importance of keeping catch basins clean, discourage construction practices that relocate existing depth of water and sewage services, strongly enforce fines, other measures to discourage concrete wash out into catch basins, and educate infill developers on the need to mitigate the increase in storm water that comes with increased site coverage by installing effective landscaping and possibly a cistern.

There is Capital City Funding already being allocated to the flood mitigation strategies for Parkallen. The project is still in the concept phase and the City will work with a Parkallen Drainage Advisory Committee during the design and development Phase in 2017 – 2018 to completion by 2019.  Currently they are looking at installing a dry pond in the NE Corner of the green space east of the school with potential additional piping and overland grading from streets surrounding the central greenspace.  Our project is a medium sized one and should take about a year to construct and landscape.  Many additional ideas were brainstormed at the meeting including public education on low impact development (LID) storm water reduction and drainage strategies, the importance of keeping catch basins clear of debris year round and the need to address increased site coverage and storm water run off associated with infill development.

If you were unable to attend the Parkallen Drainage Discussion & Flood Mitigation and would like your drainage issues and flooding stories included in feedback to the city, please email them to Jan Hardstaff,

We are still in the process of forming the Parkallen Drainage Advisory Committee. If you are interested in this, or being involved with the Civics Committee for Parkallen, we would like to hear from you!