Leave an Impression. Support Our Park


We are offering you an opportunity that has not been available for 20 years and may not come again for 20 or 30 more!

We are the Parkallen Park Redevelopment Committee. This neighbourhood, (which is your neighbourhood too!) was established in 1945, and is a very unique community in Edmonton. Parkallen is one of the founding members of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues. It’s neighbourhood is very special in that it was designed by the acclaimed and revered Noel Dant, Edmonton’s first urban planner. Our parksite is the “HUB”, the central gathering place of this community and we are redeveloping it for the first time in decades.

Why Are We Developing Now?
Parkallen has thrived in the last 20 years largely due to the beauty and amenities of the current park and playground. We do not want to jeopardize that! This is a very heavily utilized neighbourhood park, on site, we have the following daily user groups; Parkallen Elementary School, Greencircle pre-school, Shine Home school, and YMCA Daycare, which totals over 300 children daily! Not to mention other residents and neighbouring community visitors who use the park as well. The attractiveness of our park is often why people come here, why we have successful community programs and events and it is crucial to maintain that in order to keep our community thriving. This is why we need your help and your donation.

For more information please download the information letter (it is in PDF format)

If you would like to make a donation please review information in the Information Letter (above) or contact park@parkallen.ca