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Pollinator Habitat Workshop - September 5

The Parkallen Community Garden is hosting a free workshop on September 5 where people can build habitats for wild pollinators to take home to their gardens. This will involve drilling small holes into a log to be left in backyards as nesting habitat for solitary (non-stinging) bees. The logs have been provided by City of Edmonton Forestry so that they are safe (disease free) for Parkallen gardens. The types of pollinators that will use the logs as habitat are not dangerous and will use the logs similarly to the way that birds use birdhouses. The gardeners will not be supplied with bees —  just with a log that they will drill holes into. The logs are currently stacked up against the garden shed. Marlene Wurfel, the workshop coordinator, is happy to answer any questions you might have about the workshop when you see her in the garden or by email.

Want to come? Sign up at the Eventbrite page and save yourself a spot!