Parkallen Community League
South Edmonton Mature Community

Copy of Bylaws

Parkallen Executive Bylaws


1.1. Legal Name

The name of the society shall be the Parkallen Community Association(1960).

1.2. Physical Boundaries

For the purposes of the Association the words 'Parkallen Community Association' shall mean that portion of the City of Edmonton more particular1y described as follows:


  • on the south by 61 Avenue
  • on the east by l09 Street
  • on the west by 113 Stree
  • on the north by 72 Avenue


2.1. Members

Any persons residing in or owning property within the aforementioned portion of the City of Edmonton may become a full member upon payment of the required membership fees. Other persons may at the discretion of the executive and upon payment of the required fees become members.

2.2. Membership

Membership shall entitle the holder to enjoyment and participation in all activities of the Association and enjoyment of all facilities of the Association, except where a user fee applies, and shall entitle the holder of the said membership to vote at all General meetings of the Association.

2.3. Fees

The fees to be charged for the above membership shall be reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Association, or may be revised or set by special resolution at a duly constituted meeting of the Association.

2.4. Honourary and Life Membership

Honourary and/or Life membership may be conferred upon any person by any General meeting of the Association and shall entitle that person to vote at any General meeting of the Association.

2.5. Age of Eligibility

Any person under the age of eighteen (18) years shall not be entitled to vote under the membership provisions aforesaid.

2.6. Admission Requirements

All members are admitted only on the condition of submission to the objectives, the by-laws and rules of the Association. Failure to comply with the aforesaid shall result in revocation of that person's membership and that person's membership fee shall not be returned.

2.7. Transferability

2.8. Withdrawal 2.8. Withdrawal

2.9. Suspension

Membership in the Association shall not be transferable to other persons.

Any member wishing to withdraw from membership may do so by giving notice in writing to the Secretary.

By a special resolution, any member may be expelled from membership for any cause which the Association may deem sufficient. No member shall be expelled or suspended without being notified of the charge or complaint against him/her or without having first been given an opportunity to be heard by the executive at a meeting called for such purpose.

2.10. Resignation

Any member who resigns or is expelled from the Association shall forthwith forfeit all right, claim or interest arising from or associated with the membership of the Association.


3.1. League Address

3.2. Executive Board Members

3.3. Nominees for Office


The address of the Association shall be 11104-65 Avenue, Edmonton,Alberta, T6H 5W2.

The Association shall have the following officers who shall constitute the Executive Board:

  1. President
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. Past President Member
  5. Other officers that shall be elected at the Annual General meeting.

3.4. Election and Terms of Appointment

All officers shall be elected by the vote of members only at the Annual General meeting of the Association. The term of office of each member of the Executive Board shall be one year. All executive members may stand for re-election.

3.5. Conditions for Office

All officers must be voting members of the Association.

3.6. Executive Board Responsibilities

The Executive Board shall interpret these by-laws and maintain the general well-being of the Association and the aims and objectives as set forth.

3.7. Revocation of Executive Board Actions

In order to disapprove and revoke any action taken by the Executive Board, a two-thirds vote of the members in attendance at a General meeting at which such matter is brought up shall be necessary.

3.8. Enforcement of Rules

The Executive Board shall publish and enforce rules governing the conduct of members of the Association where such rules are not inconsistent with the by-laws herein.

3.9. Meetings

The Executive Board shall meet at least eight (8) times a year.

3.10. Executive Vacancy

In case an officer dies, resigns or ceases to be a member or for any reason becomes unable to attend to the duties of his/her office, the vacancy thereby caused shall be filled for the unexpired portion of such officer's term of office by a substitute appointed by the Executive Board.

3.11. Executive Vacancy

If an officer shall absent himself/herself without notice from three or more consecutive meetings, the Executive Board shall declare that officer's office vacated.

3.12. Removal of Officer/Replacement

The Association by special resolution may remove any officer before the expiration of his/her term of office and elect another member in his/her stead. The person so elected shall hold office during the period of time only as the officer in whose place he/she was elected would have held the same had he/she not been removed.

3.13. President's Office

The President, or designee who shall be a member of the Executive Board, shall preside at all meetings of the Association and shall be a member of all committees. The President shall also be charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs and operation of the Association. Two of either the President, Treasurer and designee shall sign on behalf of the Association all deeds, contracts, conveyances, bills, notes, cheques, debentures and all other papers and documents which pertain to the affairs of the Association. The President shall also perform such other duties which are incidental to the presidential office, or which are delegated to him/her by the Executive Board.

3.14. Secretary's Office

The Secretary shall act as Secretary of the Association at meetings of the Association, both Executive and General, and shall take and keep minutes of such meetings and such other records as directed by the Executive Board. The Secretary shall also be responsible for conducting all general correspondence relating to Association meetings, and shall be responsible for notifying Association members of General and Executive meetings of the Association. The Secretary shall be the custodian of all minute books, records, papers, correspondence, contracts and other documents belonging to the Association which may be delivered up only by a resolution of the Executive Board to do so to such person or persons as may be named in the resolution.

3.15. Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer shall receive all monies collected or otherwise received on behalf of the Association, and shall issue receipts therefore, and shall pay all proper and just accounts, and shall keep accounts, receipts and vouchers of same. He/she shall deposit the funds of the Association in such bank or banks as the Executive Board may direct. Two of either the Treasurer, President or designee shall sign on behalf of the Association all bills, notes, cheques, debentures and all other papers and documents which pertain to the finances of the Association. At the Annual General meeting of the Association he/she shall present a statement of the financial affairs of the Association for the preceding year. The Treasurer shall report the financial position of the Association as often as required by the Association.

3.16. Financial Statements

Within thirty (30) days of the Annual General meeting, the statement of financial affairs of the Association will be reviewed by persons designated by the Executive Board.

3.17. Expenditures/Financial Commitments

No officer, Executive or member of the Association shall expend, or shall commit the expenditure of any money of the Association or sell or dispose of any property of the Association, without express authority for his/her so doing being first, duly given by the Executive Board.

3.18. Borrowing

The Executive of the Association may borrow on behalf of the Association only with express authority and sanction of a special resolution of the Association.

3.19. Special Committee

A special committee may be appointed by any General meeting, or meeting of the Executive Board, for such purposes and with such powers as the meeting may direct.


The Executive Board shall be empowered to arrange membership of the Association in other organizations having compatible aims and objects.


5.1. Fiscal Year End

The fiscal year of the Association shall end on the 30th day of April each year. The Annual General meeting shall be held prior to June 30th in each year, to receive the reports of the officers for the preceding year, to elect and to transact such other general business as may legally come before the meeting.

5.2. General Meetings

The Association shall in addition hold such General meetings at such date as shall be fixed by the Executive Board.

5.3. Convening Special General Meetings

The President may, whenever he/she thinks fit, convene a Special General meeting, and shall, upon the written requisitions of ten or more members, call a Special General meeting at such time as the requisitionists may prescribe. All such requisitions shall express the object of the meeting proposed and shall be left with the Secretary, who shall promptly advise the President thereof.

5.4. Convening Special General Meetings

Upon being so advised of such requisitions, the President or designee shall forthwith proceed to convene a Special General meeting. If he/she does not proceed to convene the same, to be held within two (2) weeks from the date of the requisition being left with the Secretary, the requisitionists or any ten or more members may themselves convene a meeting.

5.5. Notice of General/Special Meetings

Notice of any General or Special General meeting shall be given to all members by the Secretary by mail, telephone or by any other effective method, at least one (l) week prior to such meeting.

5.6. Notice of General/Special Meetings

The accidental omission of giving notice of any meeting to any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of any such meeting.

5.7. Quorum for Meetings

Ten or more members personally present shall be a quorum for any General meeting and no less than one half of Executive Board members plus one shall be a quorum for any Executive Board meeting, and no business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present at the commencement of either of the meetings.


6.1. Age of Eligibility

Any person who is a member of the Association and who is at least 18 years of age shall be entitled to vote at any meeting.

6.2. Entitlement

Each such person shall have one vote only and must vote personally and not by proxy.

6.3. Deciding Vote

In the event of any vote resulting in a tie, the presiding officer of the meeting shall have the deciding vote.

6.4. Resolutions Carried

At any meeting, unless a poll is demanded by the presiding officer or by three or more members present, a declaration by the presiding officer that a resolution has been carried, or carried by a particular majority, or lost or not carried by a particular majority, an entry to that effect in the minute book of the league shall be conclusive evidence of the fact without proof of the number or portion of the votes recorded in favour of or against such resolution.

6.5. Polls

If a poll is demanded, it shall be taken forthwith in such a manner as the meeting may direct, and the results of the poll shall be deemed to be the resolution of the meeting. The demand for a poll maybe withdrawn.


7.1. The fees for membership in the Association shall be fixed on a household basis and all members of the household shall be regarded as members of the Association.


8.1. The Association may be dissolved upon the passing of a special resolution at a special meeting called for the purpose of winding up or dissolving the Association. Notice of such meeting, setting out the resolution to dissolve the Association shall be mailed to each member, either at his/her place of work or by mailing same to his/her last known address at least twenty-one (21) days before such meeting is held. The Treasurer of the Association at such meeting shall present copies of an audited statement of the Association's financial status and if the resolution is passed, the funds of the Association shall be distributed to charitable organizations. A special resolution passed by a majority of not less than three-quarters of votes cast by members of the Association who are in good standing and entitled to vote, at the time of holding the special meeting. Votes may be cast either in person at the meeting or by notarized postal vote.


9.1. Arbitration

In the event of any dispute arising out of the affairs of the Association or between a member or a person who is aggrieved or a person claiming through the member or aggrieved person or claiming under the by-laws of the Association, and the Association or Executive member or officer of the Association, such dispute shall be decided by arbitration which shall be under The Arbitration Act.

9.2. Decision

A decision made pursuant to such abbitration is binding on all parties and may be enforced on application to a district Court and there shall be no appeal therefrom.


10.1. Books and Accounts of the Association

Any member of the Executive Board may at any time request of the Treasurer that the books and accounts of the Association be brought up for inspection by such member within twenty one (21) banking days.

10.2. Liabilities of Members

No member of the Association shall be liable for the act, receipt, neglect or default of any other member of the Association, or for joining in any receipt or act of conformity or for any loss or expenses happening in the Association through insufficiency or deficiency of any security in or upon which monies of the Association shall be invested or for any loss or damage arising from the bankruptcy, insolvency or tortuous act of any person with whom any money, security or effects shall be deposited, or for any loss occasioned by error or judgement, or oversight on his/her part, or for any other loss, damage or misfortune whatsoever, which shall happen in the execution of the duties of his/her office, or in relation thereof, unless the same shall happen through his/her own dishonesty.

10.3. Remuneration for Services

No officer of the Association shall receive any remuneration for any services to the Association.

10.4. Common Seal of the Association

The Executive Board may adopt a seal which shall be the common Seal of the Association and shall have control and custody of the Seat of the Association. The Association may alter or change the common seal at its pleasure, but shall in all cases have its name engraved in legible characters on its common Seal.

10.5. Audit of Accounts

The Executive Board may from time to time appoint an auditor or auditors to hold office for such period as the Executive Board may determine.

10.6. Filing Alberta Consumer and Corporate Affairs Return

Within thirty (30) days of every annual General meeting the Association shall file with the Registrar of Alberta Consumer and Corporate Affairs a statement in the form of a balance sheet, which shall be audited and signed by the Association's auditor(s) or by two Executive Board officers if there is no auditor and shall contain general particulars of the assets, revenue and expenditures of the Association.

10.7. Changes to By-Laws

The by-laws may be rescinded, altered or added to by a special resolution passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of such members entitled to vote, as are present in person at a General meeting of which notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution as a special resolution has been given. No rescission or alteration of, or addition to a by-law has any effect until it has been registered by the Registrar of Alberta Consumer and Corporate Affairs.

10.8. Special Resolutions

Copies of all special resolutions shall be filed with the Registrar of Alberta Consumer and Corporate Affairs.

10.9. Controversial Points

The rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern Parkallen Community Association in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the by-laws of the Association.