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What's New? 

EPCOR Surveying & Drilling in Parkallen

EPCOR has announced they are moving forward with the Parkallen flood mitigation project. We expect to see surveying and drilling at both the school and Ellingson Park between June 8 – June 11.  The work involves a topographic survey and drilling of two boreholes.

The boreholes will be 9m deep and will be used to collect soil samples and measure groundwater elevations. For measuring groundwater elevations, 2” piezometer standpipes will be installed in the boreholes. The piezometer standpipes will be cut flush to ground level and capped once the drilling is finished. These piezometers will remain in place until when construction is expected to begin in 2019.

A rubber-tracked drilling rig will access the park areas for the drilling. The rig will be stationary during drilling. The operator will use the remote control device to move the rig from one location to the next and will walk alongside the rig while it is moved. Fencing will not be used. However, construction signage will block off the area around the drill sites while work is in progress. Debris (drill cuttings) will be temporarily stockpiled during drilling, but will be removed and disposed off-site once the drilling is complete.

All EPCOR crew vehicles will be parked on the street.